MC9190 End of Support: What You Should Know

mc9190 end of support

MC9190 end of support was December 1, 2020. Here’s what organizations that depend on MC9190 mobile computers should know.

End of Life vs. End of Support for MC9190s

End of life (EOL) refers to the date when production ends for a specific device. End of life for Motorola MC9190s was September 14, 2015. New MC9190s were not manufactured after this date. Another term for end of life hardware is discontinued.

End of support (EOS), or end of service, is when a manufacturer no longer repairs or supports a device. Zebra Technologies’ official end of support for MC9190s was on December 1, 2020.

These terms are often used interchangeably, and they don’t mean the same thing. Please refer to the manufacturer website to determine if a device is at end of life or end of support.

A Brief Look Back at the MC9000 Series

Zebra builds mobile computers for harsh industrial environments and frequent commercial use. Rugged, industrial grade handheld computers are designed to last for many years of productivity.

That doesn’t stop Zebra from releasing a new and improved product every few years:

  •         Symbol MC9000 – 2003
  •         Symbol MC9090 – 2006
  •         Motorola MC9190 – 2011
  •         Motorola MC92N0 – 2013
  •         Zebra MC9300 – 2019

Released in January 2011, the Motorola MC9190-G was produced with most of the original MC9000 series design intact. While newer mobile computers in the MC9200 and MC9300 series are wildly popular and brought modern updates, the overall design hasn’t strayed very far from the classic.

What Does End of Support Mean for MC9190 Users?

With millions of MC9190s in the world still used 20 years later, Zebra ends support for MC9190s in order to steer customers toward the new hardware optimized for Android. Zebra’s business is selling new hardware, after all.

But what about your business? What about the auto manufacturer that relies on the rugged MC9190 for parts distribution and tracking as a crucial part of its everyday processes? For many, the best option right now is to continue using existing hardware.

It’s common to use mobile computers long after the manufacturer’s end of life and end of service dates.

The difference now is that you can’t call Zebra support or depend on warranties when MC9190s need to be repaired or replaced.

It’s essential to have a strategic Motorola MC9190 repair partner in place.

Risks of Using EOS MC9190s

Relying on end of service MC9190s without a technical support partner in place carries a large set of risks to incur:

  • Disruptions in production or service due to hardware failures, such as motherboard level failures, failures to connect to the network, sluggish performance and speed, underperforming battery life, or even screens that won’t display anymore
  • Decreased productivity, thanks to end users troubleshooting MC9190s themselves (spending 10 minutes figuring out how to reset a frozen screen or a scanner failing to read a barcode, instead of picking orders really adds up)
  • Inconveniences from sourcing replacement MC9190 parts, units, or refurbished alternatives

What is your contingency plan if you unexpectedly need to repair or replace your MC9190s?

Engage a trusted third party support and repair provider for MC9190s now.

MC9190 Repair & Replacement Services

At Carlton Technologies, there is no end of service for MC9190s.

We offer the highest quality MC9190 repairs, replacement parts, and exceptional customer service to organizations that continue to use these classic mobile computers.

Screens fail to display. Barcode scanners won’t trigger or read codes they normally have no problem scanning. Some MC9190s even fail to power on. Things happen. Simply fill out an RMA, send us your devices, and have them functional and back in action as soon as the next day.

In the event your MC9190 is unable to be salvaged, we’ll replace it with a refurbished MC9190.

CarltonCare for Motorola MC9190 Repair

CarltonCare Premium is a comprehensive agreement covering board-level failures, spare device pools for advance replacement, and rapid turnaround times. Complete with a self-service RMA portal.

CarltonCare Flat Fee is a flat rate repair service, with no annual contract required. The same great repair service, with a pay as you go model based on your needs.

There is a CarltonCare MC9190 repair plan for everyone. While Zebra may have declared end of service for MC9190s, that doesn’t mean you need to panic.

Our experts would be happy to develop a customized repair plan for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re ready to discuss your MC9190 support.

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